Astigmatism Facts and Fiction


People might wonder what causes astigmatism to worsen. Basically, astigmatism is caused by a defect on the curve of the eye. Children can have this type of blurry vision and not even realize it.

As an adult, astigmatism can be made worse by an injury, disease or surgery. However, there are the misnomers about astigmatism that are simply not true. Reading at night or squinting does not cause astigmatism. Never does watching television with the lights off. However, these are not good practices as they can make overall vision worse over time and are hard on the eyes.

Another myth about astigmatism is that rubbing the eye will somehow cause or worsen astigmatism. This is also not true. Thankfully, only more serious eye injuries can cause this. Always wear safety glasses on the job when required as this can prevent these types of accidents that will damage the eyes from occurring.